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Refresh Your Boston Outdoor Oasis for Spring


LICENSE BROKER #9569629Adam grew up in Newton MA, attending Newton South High School before earning a B.S...

LICENSE BROKER #9569629Adam grew up in Newton MA, attending Newton South High School before earning a B.S...

Feb 27 1 minutes read

Creating Your Boston Sanctuary: Outdoor Living Edition

As Boston shakes off the last remnants of winter chill, the time is ripe to invigorate your home’s outdoor living space. Be you the proud owner of a classic Beacon Hill patio, a suburban spread in the Boston MetroWest, or a high-rise balcony with skyline views of Back Bay, there's a symphony of options to transform your personal patch of open air into a refuge of comfort and style. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we'll navigate the myriad of possibilities starring Boston’s rich architectural backdrop to help you curate an exceptional alfresco retreat.

Carve Out Your Personal Nooks

Functionality merges with charm when tailoring your Boston outdoor space. Consider how the hearty New England seasons would shape your sanctuary. Fancy an al fresco dining nook, a peaceful reading corner, or maybe a versatile entertaining area? Demarcate a corner of your Commonwealth Avenue terrace for candlelit dinners amongst the townhouses. Alternatively, position plush, all-weather seating on your Sudbury patio for those well-earned weekend unwind sessions.

Embrace Boston Flora

Be it through the flora of The Emerald Necklace or sprucing up your own urban garden in Somerville, integrating plants is the hallmark of an inviting space. If scale permits in your suburban yard, consider indigenous plants that pay homage to the Arnold Arboretum's selections. City dwellers, fear not; container gardens, avant-garde planters, and lush, hearty ferns can evoke the Public Garden's green splendor within the confines of your balcony.

Choose Enduring Furnishings

Picking out furniture that can grace a Wellesley estate garden or a quaint Roslindale porch requires consideration of the Northeast’s whimsical weather. Seek materials that scoff at humidity and frost—think teak, powder-coated aluminum, or synthetic resins. Plush, weather-proof cushions and vibrant throw pillows can add a dash of Kenmore Square eccentricity to your ensemble.

Beacon Lighting

Illumination is tantamount to enchantment. Post-sunset, let your space mirror the starlit majesty of the Boston Harbor with a string of LED lights, or mimic the Victorian gaslamps along the Freedom Trail with rustic lanterns. These luminous touches ensure your outdoor soirées in Cambridge can linger well into the evening, creating a soft ambience akin to that of a North End evening.

Sanctuary of Seclusion

In the heart of the city, seclusion becomes a cherished concept. Fence off the outside world with chic bamboo screens on your South End rooftop, or conjure privacy with dense ivy creeping along trellises in your Brookline veranda. Use thoughtful placement of greenery and tasteful panels not only to shield but to decorate, infusing pockets of nature'd intimacy.

Tranquil Trappings: Water Features

Amplify your space’s serenity with a burbling fountain or a Zen-inspired pond—emulating the idyllic trickles found in the Boston Common Frog Pond. Even the most compact Jamaica Plain studio space can house a tabletop water fixture, inviting the harmony of flowing water into your urban retreat.

Shade-Savvy Spaces

For those sweltering New England summer days, a dash of shade is a source of solace. Consider a retractable awning over your Quincy deck, or a pergola adorned with a sun-proof canopy to marvel at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir while safely shaded. These installations do double duty, safeguarding both you and your cherished outdoor furnishings.

Chic and Charming Accents

Accouterments are the silent narrators of your space's story. Adorn your Dorchester patio with stylish outdoor rugs, spirited throw blankets, and artisanal cushions that narrate tales of local culture—from the Red Sox's hues to patterns inspired by the Massachusetts Bay. They're conversation pieces as much as they are comforts, each resonant with the character of our storied city.

Effortless Upkeep for Bostonians

Whatever endeavors you undertake, consider their upkeep. Choose resilient plants like those which brave the Boston Common year-round, seek furniture finishes that resist the salt air for Seaport District balconies, and opt for materials well-suited to fend off the Nor'easter's wrath. The aim? To ensure your outdoor haven in Newton or a Fenway nook remains as an effortless refuge amidst city life.

In the heart of New England, where history and modernity dance amongst cobblestones and skylines, your outdoor living space is more than an extension of home—it’s a testament to your Boston spirit. So, embark on your journey to a refreshed outdoor abode and welcome the Boston spring with open arms and an open door.

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